Required Documents

The Following Documents duly attested by the concerned authorities are requested from the employers.

A formal letter issued by the employer addressing Synnet International Pvt. Ltd. with full detail of the job categories, number of workers, monthly salary, contract period, working hours and all other facilities like food, accommodation medical and air passage.

A letter issued by the employer authorizing Synnet International Pvt. Ltd. to act on behalf or the employer in recruiting the required number of workers and to carry out all necessary formalities related with the respective Embassy and the related agencies of the government of Nepal.

A formal letter addressing to Director General, Ministry of Labour& Transport Management, Department of labour, New Baneshwor, Nepal. Promising that the workers will work in the country which is mentioned in the Demand Letter, and they will not be sent work in any other country.

This agreement is made between Synnet International Pvt. Ltd. and the Employer Company on the Employer Company’s letterhead stating clearly and precisely all terms and conditions regarding recruitment of manpower from Nepal.

This agreement is made between the company (Employer) and the Employee on the company’s letterhead stating clearly and precisely all terms and conditions regarding manpower supply from Nepal.

This letter is issued by employer addressing the Consulate General of the respective Embassy intimating him of appointment of Synnet International Pvt. Ltd., as the lawful agent of the employers their authorization to act on behalf of the employers and to carry our all Visa formalities with the Embassy with particular Visa. The Consular letter is applicable in case of issue of original Visa by the employer and in most cases it is applicable for recruitment of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.